Loading Plotly Graphs on Demand with Waypoints

Posted on 23 November 2016 in Technology • Tagged with graphing, javascript, plotly, waypoints

In my last post, 12 Years of Gmail, Part 4: Chat, I included eight Plotly graphs on a single page. All the graphs worked correctly, but the page was taking almost four seconds to render any content at all and up to 6-8 seconds to load completely without cached elements. By contrast, the landing page of chrxs.net takes less than a second to load with visual content rendering almost immediately. The site is intentionally designed to be light weight and uses very few resources on a standard load. But Plotly graphs require a big (1MB+ uncompressed) JavaScript file in order to load with all the bells and whistles. What can be done to improve this slow load time, particularly when many graphs are on a single page?

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